International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Research

International Journal of Law and Interdisciplinary Research is a monthly double-blind peer review journal. It is a novel platform for creative researchers and scholars of law and interrelated who regard society as an open book and anxiously await to read it. This journal provides an amazing opportunity to those who consider inquiry as extraordinary to circulate scholastic inter-disciplinary research and impact the socio-economic as well as socio-legal aspects of human lives.

The journal invites Academicians, Practitioners, Researchers, Students and others interested to send original, unpublished papers.

Standing by ideals of open access to scholarly works, IJLIR will be published online and made available for everyone to read and cite freely.

The journal is published under the aegis of Lawlex Education and Research Trust. Visit this link for more info.

Submission guidelines can be accessed here.

Call for Papers can be accessed here.

The Editorial Board can be seen here.