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Right of Creator versus Public Interest: Where Lies the Balance of Convenience

RIGHT OF CREATOR VERSUS PUBLIC INTEREST: WHERE LIES THE BALANCE OF CONVENIENCE * Chirag Balyan * Sajid Sheikh Abstract: Creativity is, how an individual expresses himself through his work. It is immaterial whether, one works for oneself or some other person or entity[i]. If a person steals or asserts ownership over, the author’s ‘expression’[ii], then author doesn’t only lose a right over a work which is or can be copyrighted in law but, also loses the ‘identity’. Creativity is personal

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Consumer Protection Bill 2015-An Overview

CONSUMER PROTECTION BILL 2015-AN OVERVIEW *Harpal Parmar ABSTRACT In the world of globalized consumerism it is necessary that consumer must be provided with the standard products and service which on voluntary basis not expectable from the producers or service providers thus an effective reformative law aiming at changing the market scenario vis-à-vis speedy disposal, amendments in compensation policy are necessary in the present day. In the recent times where the consumer safety is of paramount importance as it is concerned

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Justifiability of Cannibalism

JUSTIFIABILITY OF CANNIBALISM *Ruchira Baruah     Introduction The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines ‘cannibalism’ as  ”the eating of the flesh of an animal by another animal of the same kind”. Cannibalism can therefore be understood to be an ‘intra-specific’ predation. However, in the common world, when one utters the word cannibalism, it is often understood to be the consumption of human flesh by another human. It is considered to be a taboo and therefore, many hesitate to talk about it. The practice of

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Judicial Response to Sentencing in Rape Cases

JUDICIAL RESPONSE TO SENTENCING IN RAPE CASES *Dr. Sonia Aneja   As an institution, the Indian judiciary has always commanded considerable respect from the people of this country. The roots of this high regard lie in the impartiality, independence and integrity of the members of the judiciary. Respect for the judiciary was part of the common man’s aspirations for maintaining Rule of Law and building a just society. The deeper aim of the law was creation of a good society.[1]

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Secularism and the Indian Constitution: Some Jurisprudential Aspects

SECULARISM AND THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION: SOME JURISPRUDENTIAL ASPECTS Saumya Uma* Secularism and its meaning are intensely discussed in contemporary polity in India.  In recent times, secularism has come to be juxtaposed with and against the dominant Hindutva ideology.  In the Indian context, the meaning of secularism can be unravelled either through a politico-legal analysis of Constituent Assembly debates or through judicial interpretation of the same in the post-independence era.  This article adopts the latter approach and critiques some jurisprudential aspects of

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Putting a Plug on Human Trafficking: Role of NGO’s

PUTTING A PLUG ON HUMAN TRAFFICKING: ROLE OF NGO’S (An Indian Perspective) Sajid Sheikh* and Isha Gandhi** Abstract The vision of this study is to explore the issue of human trafficking, how it affects India, and to create a viable solution that will encourage the nation to effectively reduce the instances of human trafficking. Human trafficking is nodoubt a gross violation of human rights and thus a very sensitive issue which needs to be handled with utmost care and protection.

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